How to buy furniture with low, no or poor credit?  When others say no, we may be able to help you.  Do you need a second chance?  Talk to us!  We provide hire purchase on a wide range of funiture for people, the working families and beneficaries.  Also winz quotes are availalbe.

We’ve Got Just What You Need!

Do you need Lounge Room Furniture for your home? Get a hire purchase contract from us for a Lounge Room Suite suitable to your needs, i.e., recliners, sofa beds, 1 x 3 and 2 x 1 Suites, or 3, 2 and 1 Suites or you decide your suite.  

Maryland Corner Lounge Suite

"For Sale" as long as it is in stock. Our Price: $ 2,695.00 A great addition to the Lounge Room that an accommodate a corner suite. Has 3 recliners and a caddy for storage with 2 drink holders. A nice neutral fabric which looks...

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Washington Reclining Lounge Suite

"For Sale" as long as stock is available. Our Price: $ 2,495.00 the 3 Piece Lounge Suite Individual: 3 Seater $ 1,295.00, One Seaters $ 649.00 each 3 Seater Recliner - has 2 x Recliners + Drop Down Tray 1 Seaters are Recliners An...

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Portland Lounge Suite

"For Sale" when stock is available. A classie straight lined 3 + 2 Seater Lounge Suite. A grey beauty to compliment any lounge room. Nice plush arm rests and roll backing for comfort.

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Regal Lounge Suite

Our Price is $  1,890.00 A well NZ Made Lounge Suite with comes in a range of colours and prints. It can be purchased in individual pieces e.g., 3 Seater and 2 One Seaters, or 3 Seater and a 2 Seater, or 3 Seater, 2 Seater and a 1 Seater. What fits your lounge...

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3 Piece Budget Lounge Suite

Our Price is $ 995.00 - Available in a range of Fabrics and Colours. Great for WINZ clients and comfortable also. Not a cheap budget suite, plenty of cushion and wide seating.

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Russell 3 Piece Lounge Suite

PRICE:  $ 2,770.00  ( @ $ 300.00 Deposit - $40.00 per week ) A 3 Piece Recliner Navy Lounge Suite, attractive in any Lounge Room. Contact us today to 'seal your deal'.

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Hudson Corner Suite

A lovely compact Corner Lounge Suite with built in Recliners each end and a Console for convenience whilst watching TV with your drinks right by your side.

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Ramon TV Unit

A TV Unit for your lounge.  Black or White.  A great asset to your home. Contact us to 'seal your deal'.

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Ada TV Unit

A slimline, tidy and tasteful TV Unit for your lounge. Totally kids friendly. Contact us today to 'seal your deal'.

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Hudson 3 Piece Lounge Suite with Recliners and Console

PRICE:  $ 2,790.00  ( 3 Seater, 2 x Recliner Seating )  @ $ 300.00 Deposit - $ 40.00 per week Hudson 3 Piece Lounge Suite with built in Recliners at both ends, plus 2 x Single Chairs with built in recliners. Also has a console on the 3 Piece for pure convenience while...

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Metro Lounge Suite with Ottomon

PRICE:  $ 1,990.00  ( @ $ 300.00 Deposit - from $30.00 per week ) A,  3 x 2 x 1 Sester with Ottomon.  A Brown Leather Look for any easy well kept Lounge Room.  Wipe down and will always look smart.  Talk with us today to accompany your needs!

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